We now offer a fully mobile car valeting service, covering all of Somerset & Bristol. We have exisiting customers with a variety of cars ranging from Lamborghinis, a collection of classic Mini's & even regular cars such as a VW Polo & Kia Sportage. We aim to be completely flexible to meet the needs of you. Our customer. Please contact us with your requirements, and we will do our best to help. Our standard packages are below:

Stage 1 - Exterior


This package goes above and beyond your standard day to day car wash. Your vehicle is treated to a full deep cleanse and claybar treatment, followed by a single stage compound polish to enhance the colour and shine of your car. We then apply a wax coating to protect the fresh look of your car.

From £60 + VAT

Please call for a quote.


Stage 2 - Exterior & Interior

On top of everything included in the Stage 1 process, we go into a similar level of detail on the interior of your car. A full deep cleanse, seat cleaning, plastics and trims protected and a protective coating applied to the entire interior to lock in our work and make your interior futureproof.

From £110 + VAT

Please call for a quote.


Weekly Maintenance Wash

Just want the cleaning of your car kept on top of? We can now offer a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly car washing service. This will keep your car looking great.

From £30 + VAT per week 

Please call for a quote.


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