We are a now proud to be an official WMS Car Warranty Dealer. With WMS, you can rest easy knowing you are protected against the unexpected. Buying a new car is a great feeling, but unexpected repair bills can be costly, so why take the risk. With a warranty from The WMS Group you are covered for any unforeseen mechanical or electrical failures that may occur to you vehicle.

Over 3500 UK automotive dealers, including us, use the WMS Group to provide customers with warranty or a vehicle repair agreement from the WMS Group. Offering their customers the piece of mind that if the worse should happen they are covered. Each car we sell comes with a 3 month WMS 2 star warranty.

Key Benefits with each Warranty Plan

Unlimited Claims

24/7 Claim Support

Claim Payment within 24 hours

Warranties on any car priced over £995

All plans cover: Engine (All major internal moving parts), Gearbox & Transmission, Clutch components (Master Cylinder, Slave Cylinder, Fork Lever, Pedal & Cable), Drive Train and Differential. Wear & Tear items are not covered.



They will advise you of your local approved repairer. If you wish to use your own repairer, we will agree costs with them at the same parts and hourly labour rate as our network repairers charge. You will be responsible for any excess parts and labour charges.

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